• Problems with notifications - not getting your boing? Everything you need is here:
  • Unable to make purchases - If you are unable to complete purchases, try logging out of iTunes. Go to the iPhone Settings, tap iTunes & App Store, tap the Apple ID account, and Sign Out. Then enter your password and tap Sign In.
  • Unable to complete purchases - If the purchase goes through and you get charged, but you don't get your honeycombs or locks, simply message ee.ballaw|troppus#ee.ballaw|troppus and provide details, including any error messages or codes. No cause for alarm - WallaBee support is top notch and will get you squared away
  • Friend Bug - Did you or your friend's friend count suddenly drop to one? Simply message ee.ballaw|troppus#ee.ballaw|troppus (best to do this from within the app under Profile > Gear Icon > Support) and let them know you have the "friend bug" and make sure you include your username if not sending from within the app (plus your friend's if they have the bug too). They'll get your friends back! In the future, avoid sending a trade for a friend's item at the same time they send a trade for yours. Agree ahead of time who will send the trade and stick to it.
  • Problems with WiFi - Since the release of iOS8, there have been problems with slow speeds on WiFi. It's not a WallaBee problem, and I haven't seen troubleshooting steps that are easy enough to follow and guaranteed to work. Try shutting off WiFi for a bit (e.g. until you get an item on the drop). Just remember to turn it back on later.
  • Problems with images - if your image cache is not updating (in those rare cases where an item image changes) or images do not seem to be loading, you can clear your image cache. Go to your WallaBee settings page, shake your phone to expose the Debug Tools, and then tap "Clear Image Cache"
  • General problems - Yes, iPhones are better than Windows PC's. But they still benefit from a reboot. Force close your WallaBee app (double tap the home button and then swipe up. Really, why not close all your open apps while here). Then press and hold the power button until you get the option to power off.
  • Logging out - This can solve notification issues (but follow the above link for full steps) and is worth a shot for other problems if simpler solutions aren't working. Go to your WallaBee settings page, scroll to the bottom and select Logout. Then just log back in. Before you do this, probably best if you make a note of your email address and password. See below if you didn't.
  • Uninstalling the app - This can solve notification issues (but follow the above link for full steps) and could be a final option if none of the above solutions work. Press and hold on your WallaBee icon until it is jiggling. Then press the x in the upper left corner. Don't worry about the data warning - you *will not* lose data, items, honeycombs, locks, or pouch space. Your WallaBee data is stored on servers, not on your iPhone. Delete the app and then reinstall from the App Store. You'll have to log back in, so make sure you know your email and password before you do this. And once you reinstall, you'll have to reload all the images you had previously cached, so the Store will be a bit slow to load for a bit.
  • Can't sign into app - it's best to know this before you logout. You can view and change your email address in your Profile. You can change your password in your Profile as well. If you forgot your password, once you logout, enter your best guess and if you are wrong, there is an iForgot option to email you a new one. And then you can come back to your Profile and set it to something you remember.
  • None of this works - It's always great to try to help yourself first. But it's never wrong to call in the experts. Message ee.ballaw|troppus#ee.ballaw|troppus for the really tough stuff
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