Tips For Beginning Collectors
  • Collecting a specific number can be very difficult. It is a choice which will make a significant difference to the way you experience the WallaBee game, both good and bad.
  • Consider whether you want to focus on just one number or whether collecting a range, or a few numbers, will give you more options
  • It it inevitable that you will not be able to collect all of a number for every item - some have already been mixed, some will be mixed. Having another option will prevent this from spoiling your game
  • Specific number collecting is usually a highly social game. Your success in gathering the number you collect will be related to how well you are able to build relationships and alliances in the game
  • Collecting a specific number doesn't give you any particular more right to own it than anyone else - the person who has the item in their pouch or set is the one who owns it, and they have every right to want to keep the item that they have. Also some people like to collect as a secondary game aim, or might collect a number of personal significance that they don't want to publicise.
  • The phrase 'my number' is best avoided, as a proportion of players interpret that as someone claiming to own the number.
  • Be specific and consistent in what you collect and the trades that you offer. The better job you do of making other people feel that they got a fair deal then the easier your game will be. This applies particularly if you collect a number low enough that you will need people to avoid mixing in the heat of an item release, and if you want people to chose to preserve the number.
  • Some people find it difficult to reply negatively to messages proposing trades, this is just part of the game. It might sound counter intuitive, but the more that you make it comfortable for people to feel like they can reply to saying that an offer doesnt suit them, the better. It will reduce the number of times that you don't get a reply to your messages, and the number of hidden or mixed items.
  • Don't run auctions and ask for your collected number. This is wildly counter-productive as it tells people it is useful to hoard that number for a future auction. The only exception I would state would be if you JUST started collecting as this is a good way to find out people who have a lot of your numbers. But you should immediately follow up with everyone who bid and offer them all a nice trade for their numbers and then don't ever do it again. Still, not everyone will bid, so you run the risk of some people hoarding your number for future auctions
  • Have fun. Collecting a specific number is hard, but will help you reach out to a huge range of other players and might be the basis of forming some lasting friendships and trading alliances.
  • How to use NumberBee to figure out where to aim your efforts
  • How to use WallaBounce to figure out who dropped a given item
  • How to use HoneyBlend or ItemBrowser to find numbers in pouches
  • How to use NumberBee to find saved items
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