Tips For Advanced Collectors

This page is just a stub. Below are notes on things I will document more fully in a bit.

  • How to use ItemBrowser to find who might be near a dropped or recycled item (when WallaBounce doesn't help because that player is no longer near the item)
  • How to use ItemBrowser to find who dropped a HIDDEN item - lots of caveats here, tread carefully
  • How to use your friends' list in WallaBee to find who might be nearby a dropped item (or use itsme123's friends list, etc). - supports text search, so you can find any of your friends who has published their location in, say, Wisconsin, by searching for "WI, US"

Sometimes you need to find a lower number to make a trade happen. For example, I found myself searching for 4xy items all the time. Here's some tips to help with that.

  • HoneyBlend to WallaBounce to ItemBrowser: Use HoneyBlend to search for a range of items, say 400 to 499. Look at how many dropped/pouch items there are. Then refine that filter to 450 to 499, 450 to 475, 450 to 462, etc. Once you get down to about 5 or so, it's easier to just WallaBounce that range. And, you'll find that some of the items are hidden, so use ItemBrowser to look up the public history on those items.
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