Stuff To Try

In addition to making Megamixes, trying out alternate recipes, getting messages when trying to mix certain items, and collecting the variants of certain items, there are a bunch of other things you can try:

  • Tap the Bee that flies around the screen while foraging. This is probably the most missed feature and most disbelieved feature. You get 1 hc per tap and it gets awarded after the forage. Don't believe me? Check your transactions. Go for a high score!
  • Forage the most hc On any given forage, you can get up to 125 hc, usually only if you haven't foraged in a while. But, every so often, you get a "double forage" that can be up to 250 hc (or possibly even 255 hc). If you get it, grab a screenshot. I've done 238 hc once.
  • Recycle your Boomerang (don't worry, it'll all be OK)
  • Try to lock your Lock Picks
  • Try to sell your Gig Ticket on the Market
  • Purchase a Mirage in the Store (not the Market) (You will actually have to spend hc on this, but notice the item number in the purchase confirmation screen)
  • Where's the Cheshire Cat (in the Alice set)? Save the item to your set, look at the item in your set and shake your phone to find him.
  • Shake some Uniques You can shake: Fellbande's Halloween, Rubber Duck, A Little Gift, Willie Nelson. You don't have to own these Uniques to shake them - just find them in someone's set and shake those.
  • Look at the Item Description of the March Hare in the Alice Set. Look again next month (Apologies if you look in March - it won't make much sense. Unless Ben reads this and fixes it)
  • In your set, look at the Item Description of the following items… Hey! It's YOUR name!: Mamushka Masters, WallaBee Award 2014, Specky Scarface, Nice List
  • Read the Item Description of an Invisible Item If you create an Invisible Item (Invisibility Cloak + almost anything else) the Item Description will make reference to the item that got destroyed in the mix.
  • Try to post the text 'I'm so money' or 'Will it blend' or 'A house will rise' in one of the forums.
  • Try to post three times in a row in the same forum post.
  • Try to defriend Dr. Miu.
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