Stuff That Opens

Wait a second? Some of these items open? That's crazy. Let's crack these puppies open and see what is inside! (Fair warning: opening an item will destroy the original item and create a new item in it's place)

Thanks go to jenbee997 for getting this list going and crowdsourcing the info. Check out this page to see a bunch more detail, including the button customizations. You can help add to it here:

Set Items

  • Locker - could contain Cassette Tape, Skateboard, Unbranded Puzzle Cube, or ???
  • Chocolate Bar - could contain Chocolate Square, Golden Ticket, or ???
  • Candy Bags - could contain Chocolate Bar, Gobstoppers, or ???
  • Backpack - could contain Balaclava, Food Packs, Synthetic Gloves, Climbing Boots, or Climbing Helmet, or Insulated Socks, or Rappel Device, or Ice Axe, or ???
  • Safe - could contain Golden Bullion, Swag, or ???
  • Beer Cooler - could contain Champagne with Ice, Winners Champagne, Martini, or ???
  • Job Lot - could contain Bucket, Golden Idol, Romantic Card, Dinosaur Egg, X-Ray Glasses, Ruby Slippers, Flashlight, or ???
  • Pot of Gold - could contain Roman Coins, or ???

Unique Items

  • PiƱata - Any item from the Our 6th Birthday set could be inside (the set all at once with the release of this one item)
  • Pouch of Plenty - could contain Honeycombs (the item from the A WallaBee Carol set), or ???
  • Mystery Box - OK, a bit of an oddity - Mystery Boxes usually don't have an item inside them. They typically either have honeycombs (up to 50k) or locks (up to 200?) in them. But more than once, a #1 has been found inside one to start off a drop.
  • Easter Box - OK, also an oddity, since they don't actually open from the menu, but get opened by mixing. But since it took mixing an entire older set to make one, then mixing that Unique with a set item (Bunny Scissors), and then miraculously had an Easter Hen that could have stayed alive for as long as a year in that box, this item definitely earns a spot on this list.
  • Circus Grab Bag - Human Cannonball Wallagraphic item or any item from the A Trip To The Circus Set
  • High School Grab Bag - Report Card Wallagraphic item or any item from the Fast Times at WallaBee High School Set
  • Night In The Forest Grab Bag - Camping Tableware Wallagraphic item or any item from the A Night In The Forest Set
  • Date Night Grab Bag - Coffee For Two Wallagraphic item or any item from the Date Night Set
  • Jurassic Parts Grab Bag - Archeopteryx Wallagraphic item or any item from the Jurassic Parts Set

Be forewarned - Wallagraphics items are rare and only come out every 15th or 30th item or so on average. And, the law of averages means you could get it on your first Grab Bag (it's happened to me) or not get it after 174 Grab Bags (it happened to soxfan)

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