Special Places

(Links will open in ItemBrowser. Click on the "View Place in WallaBee" on your iOS devices to see the place in WallaBee)

Monuments of the World

(these have special icons within WallaBee)

  • Stonehenge: here
  • Edinburgh Castle: here
  • Pyramid of Khufu: here
  • Blackpool Tower: here
  • Colosseo Roma (The Colosseum): here
  • Statue of Liberty: here
  • Taj Mahal: here
  • Golden Gate Bridge: here
  • Tokyo Tower: here
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa: here
  • Sydney Opera House: here
  • Moulin Rouge: here
  • St Basil’s Cathedral: here
  • Great Wall of China: here

WallaBee Specific Places

(these have special icons within WallaBee)

  • Foragers Helicarrier: here
  • WallaBee HQ (US): here
  • WallaBee HQ (UK): here
  • WallaBee HQ - Leeds here
  • Munzee Marketplace: here
  • Loving Hut: here
  • Pinto here

(these places don't have special icons…yet?)

  • WallaBee HQ - Scotland: here


Many players have created special places of their own
(these have special icons within WallaBee)

  • Church of Sasquatch here
  • Golden Horseshoe here

(these places don't have special icons…yet?)

  • Colin's London Museum link to Google Doc
    • there are almost 140 locations as part of this museum (!!!)
  • #80 80's set here
  • Office Space set (dropped at Initech) here
  • Flying Flounder Fleet here
  • Elvis Museum here
  • Silverstone Formula Fun here
  • The Ramada Armada here
  • The Jenny Black Stamp Museum here
  • Fort Knox here

Editor's note: I had a pretty cool method that would launch in ItemBrowser on your laptop, but launch into WallaBee on your iPhone. This stopped working suddenly, so I had to go back to the old method. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this within the limitations of the wikidot parsing, please let me know.

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