Set Completion Bonuses

You didn't know that you got bonus Honeycombs for completing sets? Well, you do! So, if you are one or two items away from completing a set, see if you can finish it up. Sometimes the bonus is a little, sometimes it's a lot. But it's better than nothing, right?

To see the bonus: on your Profile, click on the Gear Icon, then Transactions and scroll down to see your bonus in green.

Set Name Bonus (hc)
Creepy Comics 250
Fall Favorites 12500
The Doll And The Witch (open)
Special Delivery 250
What's in Your Pocket? 3000
Big Riggin' (need)
WallaBeach Castles 10000
Weed 'Em And Reap (need)
The Chase 5000
Hex ArcHives I (need
Our 6th Birthday (need)
Freshly Squeezed (need)
WallaBee Fitness and Wellbeing (need)
On this Day 2018 (open)
Arctic Antics 963
A Frosty Afternoon 5000
Beautiful Boats (need)
Terrific Trains (need)
Yippee Yo-Yos (need)
Perky Planes (need)
Dazzling Ducks (need)
Rockin' Rockers (need)
Christmas Crisis 20000
Invasion 5100
Budget Wonders 10000
WWH20 9000
Joshua Tree (need)
Two Bits (need)
The Hunt 5000
Another Night in The Forest 5000
Ain't Nobody Got Time For This Set (need)
The Waztecs 7000
Birthday Baking 5000
Legacy Pt. 2 7000
it's a small worldwide celebration 2017 (need)
Cracking Under Pressure 5000
Twelve Days of Wallamas 12000
The Aftermath 7494
Wyrd Wallaton's 3000
BCA 3000
WallaVille Farms 1234
The Switch 30000
Caveman Games 1337
Sushi Madness 5000
Cubimals 2: Trophy Hunt 6000
Andy's Inter-dimensional Toymageddon 11000
Surf's Up! 1990
The Gold Rush 18490
Flower Store Fun 1234
Tell Us A Tale 10000
Pouch Creatures 1400
Veni Vidi Mixi 10000
Legacy 2460
The Beasts of WallaBee 2016 5000
Eggception, 2nd Ed. 1234
Wombie Walentine Wapocolypse 15000
The Midas Touch 3000
Winter Wonderland 17500
Stache Check 3000
Carnival of Curiosities 1000
Straying Alive 500
Andrew Cameron's "The Beanstalk" 500
Behind The Scenes 500
A Day In Singapore 500
Sons Of Foragers 800
Primeval Park 2100
Ice Scream 1500
Build-A-Home 750
General Election 2015 500
Great American Road Trip 2000
6 Ways To Kill A Peep 1000
Why So Serious?, 2nd Ed. 1000
Ninjas 1200
St Patrick's Day 1299
The Women of WallaBee 2015 150
The Mighty Foragers 1250
The Auction House 875
New Year's Eve Party 500
Santa's Workshop 2500
Pet Store Pals 550
Andrew Cameron's Red Riding Hood 1500
The Adventures of Robin Hood 1200
Guy Fawkes Night 1000
Inside The Toy Box 950
Cooking With Fire 900
The Honeymooners 1200
BeeHive Beach 1000
You Just Got Served 1200
Introducing… The Forager 850
Tiki Tourist 1200
Cruise Control 1000
WallaBucks 1000
Specky Scarface And The Machiavelli Stone 2000
Crazy Chicks 1500
We Had Something For This 800
The WallaBees 2014 500
WallaBee Winter Sports Day 1000
Our 2nd Birthday 1500
Eau De WallaBee 250
Down Under 875
Burns' Supper 500
Sugar Rush 900
The Men Of WallaBee 2014 1200
The Cubimal Racing League 800
A WallaBee Carol 2013
Murder Most Horrid 1050
Journey To The Pyramids 1250
The First Thanksgiving 750
Renaissance Re-enactment 800
The Creepy Clan 500
Andrew Cameron's Alice 1500
The Arcade 350
The Bank Heist 875
What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us? 600
WallaBee World 875
WallaBee Wellness Retreat 1000
The Phorager Of The Opera 875
Arabian Nights 850
Expedition Everest 500
Travels Through Time 750
Back To The 80's 875
The WallaBee Express 850
Bibbidi WallaBee Boo 800
Old McWallaBee Had A Farm 999
Be My Valentine 500
Chinese New Year 700
Saturday Night At The Movies 750
One Set To Rule Them All 2500
Walla Air 950
WallaBee's First Christmas 1000
Hot Buzz 750
Wicked Witch of WallaBee 800
This Is Halloween 750
60's Nostalgia 750
Monuments Of The World 700
Vegas Vacation 750
Can't Stop Rocking 500
The Wedding 300
Formula Fun 650
Under Da Sea 850
WallaBee Sports Day 750
Foraging at Fort Griffin 350
WallaWonka and the Foraging Factory 250
WallaTech 300
European Championships '12 300
Foragers Of A Lost Art 300
Keep Calm And Reign On 250
Life's a Beach 400
Shake, Rattle and Rollerskates 300
When Nature Calls 800
Eggception 250
Take Me Out To The Ball Game 500
Why So Serious? 100
A Pirate's Life For Me 550
License to Forage 500
The Final Frontier 500
Jurassic Parts 300
A Night In The Forest 250
Fast Times at WallaBee High School 350
Date Night 500
A Trip To The Circus 500

Some sets had a higher completion bonus if you finished them in the first week. For example, The Midas Touch was originally 30,000 hc and Crazy Chicks was 10,000 hc.

As you can see, this list is rather new. Now is a great time to point out that a lot of the stuff on Skip's Lists was provided by players just like you. Happen to have just finished a set and know another bonus? Send me a PM in game and I'll add it here. Thanks to maroo for providing the initial round of values, major thanks to kgarris143 and bhow817 for sending the next round, and ElizabethSwann for providing the latest round.

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