Pro Tips

You might already know all of these, but who knows? You might find something you missed!

  • Want to navigate straight to an Item in the Item Directory in the Forums? Some of the older Items can get buried. To go straight there, go to your Set for that Item. In the Set view, press and hold on the item
  • Want to mark a message unread (so you know to come back to it)? In your inbox, you can press and hold an item in the list on Notifications or Conversations to mark it unread. Same thing to make it read.
  • Want to forage one-handed? Swipe the screen from the far left to the right to get back to the place page and just tap the forage button again (this only works on iPhones and only after a certain iOS (7?)
  • Did you forget what you have saved to set while shopping in the Market? Tap on the item icon in the list of items for sale. You'll get a pop-up letting you know what number you have saved to set.
  • Want to see what your profile looks like to others? Tap on your profile pic in any activity or message feed and you'll be taken to your profile as it looks to others.
  • Did you forget what number you have to offer in the middle of writing up a trade proposal? As long as you have a conversation thread, tap on your profile pic and then you can tap on your Pouch to take a quick look. Just hit the back arrows to get back to your message.
  • Want to get a cake on your actual birthday? Fill out this form and tell them your birthday and which flavor you'd like (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry). Not sure if you need to resend a request every year. Maybe WallaBee Staff could PM me some feedback on this? (This is for the Unique item - your WallaVersary birthday achievement happens automatically when you login)
  • Want to go to a specific page of a forum post? press on the "Page x of x" in the top center of the screen (this is helpful when my too fat fingers press the » button instead of >)
  • Want to see all of your items full size in a vertical list? Go to your Sets and press on Saved Items in the upper right (it's not really hidden, but I always forget about it)
  • Want to rearrange your Uniques? Most people know you can do this with your pouch by pressing and holding and item and then dragging them around. Did you know you can do it with your saved Uniques as well?
  • Want to see how much you paid for something? On your Profile, click on the Gear Icon, then Transactions.
    • You can use this to confirm that Bee Tapping does indeed work
    • You can use this to see how much the Set Completion Bonus is. For example, Santa's Workshop earns you a nice 2500 hc bonus
    • You can use this to see if you won any hc or locks by mixing two Christmas Mixers (typically, you can win locks all year long, but only hc around Christmas time)
    • Rarely, you might win some hc, the staff might award some hc to everyone, or you might chew up all your hc chasing mythical megamixes and Ben might take pity on you and give me, er, you, 10,000 hc. There is no way to get back to your older transactions history later, so grab a screenshot.
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