One Day Sets

All the excitement of set drops crammed into just a few hours. Some people love them, some people hate them. But everyone has to do them if they want to keep up with their game goals. One of them, Eggception, has colored (pun intentional) the entire game for TD collectors with the rarity of the primary Eggs (Blue, Red, and Yellow) being the stuff of legend. And of crazy auctions. Some people wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night muttering "blue egg…blue egg". Or so I've heard.

  • Why So Serious? (read below)
  • Take Me Out to The Ball Game
  • Eggception
  • Keep Calm and Reign On
  • The Wedding
  • Be My Valentine
  • The First Thanksgiving
  • Burns' Supper
  • Eau De WallaBee
  • Our 2nd Birthday
  • The Wallabees 2014
  • We Had Something For This
  • Guy Fawkes Night
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Why So Serious?, 2nd Ed.
  • 6 Ways To Kill A Peep
  • A Day in Singapore
  • Wombie Walentine Wapocolypse
  • Eggception, 2nd Ed.

As frustrating as the one-day sets are, nothing takes the cake compared to the first "Why So Serious?" set. Here's how it played out: When the set was released there was only 1 item: Red Herring and that was all you could forage that day. At midnight on April 2nd, all the Red Herrings were changed into the 6 items from the set with the updated icon and description. It went sequentially so if you had Red Herring #1 you got a #1 of one of the 6 items. #2 then was either one of the other five #1's or the #2 of whatever was chosen for the first. It was funny as most people got sick of getting Red Herrings all day and dropped them all over the place only to rush and pick them up when they turned into something new and lower numbered. The set had originally had the fish icon, so when the 2nd Ed. set was released, the Red Herring item was put in the store for 2499hc. According to Ben "49 people fell for it and purchased one." According to maroo, players were just preparing for any contingency.

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