Odd Mixes

Not all the mixes are the straight-forward "Item A + Item B = Item C" type. Here are a few you may not have been aware of.

Tricky "Standard" Mixes - you're going to have to figure these out if you want to finish the set. Note that some of the 3rd party tools make calls against the WallaBee API, which doesn't list all the recipes. So, the first seven below might not appear in your favorite 3rd party tool.

  • Trick Card: Fortune Teller plus Tickets. Darn! You'll get a Trick Card about 70% of the time
  • Fortune Card: Fortune Teller plus Tickets. Feeling lucky? About 30% of the time, you'll get a Fortune Card
  • Midnight Kiss: there are three variants of this item. You'll need two people to kiss. Take your pick from Party Boys and Party Girls.
  • Levitating Ball: there are two variants of this item. Nikolai Smashtrov + Tennis Balls will make one version and Mandy Fury + Tennis Balls will make the other.
  • Victory: there are two ways to mix this item. Nikolai Smashtrov + Scoreboard or Mandy Fury + Scoreboard. Victory looks the same regardless of the recipe you use.
  • Easter Hen: Mix Bunny Scissors + Easter Box. It is very rare that a WallaBee Unique item mixes with a set item to create another set item. Try to focus on that cool fact instead of how expensive the Easter Box was. (Easter Box can be made by mixing all 14 different Egg colors together or by purchasing it in the Store. Making it yourself by purchasing nothing but Blue, Yellow, Red, and White Eggs will cost 3000 hc)
  • Easter Chick: Mix Easter Hen + an Egg. Pick the color of Egg that you want your Easter Chick to end up being.
  • Key Ring: you'll get a random color when you perform the mix of 45 Tickets + 222 Tickets
  • Jouster: Mix two different colored Jousters. One of your Jouster Items will survive the mix.
  • Champion of ye Joust: You get a mixed item even though only one of the Jousters you mixed is destroyed. The color will match the color of the successful Jouster.

Tricky "Optional" Mixes - you can probably finish the set without dealing with these.

  • Medals: You can mix any two of the WallaBee Sports Day items that feature a staff member (Gladiators, Sumo Suits, Sack Race, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon Race) to make Medals. Of course, since you can forage Medals, not many people are making this recipe anymore.
  • 100c Coin: you can get this by mixing 4 x 25c Coin (or 2 x 25c Coin+ 50c Coin) and you'll be gifted a 100c Coin
  • Alice: you can keep mixing to your heart's content. Alice + Eat Me = Giant Alice. Giant Alice + Drink Me = Alice. Alice + Drink Me = Tiny Alice. Tiny Alice + Eat Me = Alice. Alice + Mushroom = Either Giant Alice or Tiny Alice (50/50 chance)
  • Invisible Item: Invisibility Cloak + almost any other item. Since you can get a Mirror of Suhccobrebag for 519 hc, you might not have even made the standard mix of Invisibility Cloak + Specky Scarface. But since you can forage Invisibility Cloaks, you can easily create this WallaBee Unique. You'll get an error message on mixing if you try to mix with another Cloak, an Invisible Item, Aftershave, or Perfume.
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