Non Standard Issues

Sure, we all know how to buy new items in the Store, forage new items, or mix new items. And we always hope that we might be incredibly fortunate enough to stumble into the #1. But sometimes buy/forage/mix is not enough. Here are some of the non-standard way that items have been issued - usually but not always the #1.

Can you get a #1 from the mixers? Yes, you can! And a few other novel ways to get new items, to boot.

Item Number How/why awarded Owner
How Did You Do This? 1 Orange Mixers OooMiaooO
Parlour Sign 1 Orange Mixers bitsy
Naughty List 1 elf video mizak
Nice List 1-5 competition (on item pic)
Guinea Pig 1 competition foilfinch
Hope 1 Mystery Box vanderarban
Mr & Mrs Dodson 1-5 wedding (attendees)
Mint Julep 2 mixer mixhap AC330
Unicorn 2 Christmas Mixers deliberatelyintentional
Wallaby 2-24 Mixers (varies)
Victim 2 Mystery Box mobijack
Victim 1 set idea figures
Black Knight 1-149 gift for code mishap (varies)
Mystery Box varies in app purchase (varies)
Invitation to the Faire 1 set idea somepoems
100c Coin 1 set idea Colin
Fish Pedicure 1 item idea charley
(Pouch Creatures) ??? gift from Miu (varies)
Red Herring varies Mixers (varies)
Lantern 1 Mystery Box TangledCat
Wallaby 1 test bendodson
Golden Bearded Lady 1-121 gift for 1st birthday (varies)
Flight Ticket 1 competition catevz
Groom 1 wedding Laura
Bride 1 wedding Alan
Medals varies purchase set items (varies)
Golden Ticket varies purchase chocolate (varies)
WallaBee 1 launch of Uniques Eric
Wallamu Arena 1 launch of Uniques bendodson
Unicorn 1 launch of Uniques Simon
Killer Whale 1 launch of Uniques Alan
Romantic Card 1 launch Alan
Little Black Dress 1 launch Simon
Bearded Lady 1 launch bendodson
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