Missing Items And Sets

Missing Sets: The below is all speculative. Constant reader, beware!

Set ID Set Information
117 transition to new team
116 transition to new team
115 transition to new team
60 before Alice
59 after Bank Heist
50 WallaBee v2
46 prior to Bibbidi
25 Uniques
23 early set (releases were jumbled)
20 Branded
13 Gone Fishin'
11 early set (releases were jumbled)
6 early set (releases were jumbled)

One of the sub-50 sets might have been the Let's Build a House set that gave us the WallaBee Mixer.
Ben also mentioned an early Zoo that got disassembled - Bee, Wallaby, WallaBee, Unicorn, and some of the other When Nature Calls animals.

This list is complete through set 129.

Missing Items - The below is all speculative and the theorized class is based on the items nearest the unreleased item. The 50 Shades of Grey item names are correct, but the Item Type ID are my best guess. The 693-665 values are for the WallaBee v2 April Fools set, with item names and numbers courtesy of Mizak. The Levitating Ball Variant is pretty certain, thanks to some unpublished APIs that adamculpepper dug up. The items labelled MEGAMIX are sheer rabble rousing.

Item Type ID Theorized Class
2125-2129 Upcoming Player Uniques
2123 Upcoming Player Unique
2108-2117 Skipped Set
2088 Upcoming Player Unique
2086 Upcoming Player Unique
2046 Upcoming Player Unique
1902 Test Item
1822 Upcoming Player Unique
1802 Chocolate Cone
1797 Chocolate Sundae
1754 Unknown
1747 Unknown
1424 Levitating Ball Variant
1399 Skipped Player Unique
1299 441
1298 421
1297 428
1296 Cool Gray 4
1295 422
1294 429
1293 Cool Gray 6
1292 7543
1291 Cool Gray 5
1290 406
1260 - 1289 30 Unnamed Shades of Grey
1138 - 1156 American Football Set
1090 Skipped Player Unique
913 Skipped Player Unique
905 - 908 Skipped Pouch Creatures?
693 Skipped Player Unique
674 Rubber Tree
673 Robot
672 Luggage Tag
671 Longhorn
670 Kayak
669 Mint Julep
668 Muscle Car
667 Box of Cookies
666 Bats
665 Frisbee
273 Skipped Branded
269 Skipped Branded
125 Early Gap
124 Early Gap
104 Early Gap
103 Early Gap
57 Early Gap
11 Early Gap

RedCarRobbie is doing a good job cleaning up the database, but I am pretty certain there was a Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Ice Cream that are unreleased. Also, more Pouch Creatures are always to be feared. Note that 1300-1309 were initially teased at as some of the 50 Shades of Grey set, but eventually were issued as the Gold Rush set.

This list is complete through item 2135.

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