Item Arcana

There's a lot of history around some of the items. Here's a running collection of what I've heard. Please, please, please…if you know more stories, let me know!

  • Romantic Card this card reads 'such a pretty ghetto' from a time when Alan was in Texas and commented on how he had seen 'such a pretty girl', ghetto was what it sounded like to people from the US.
  • Flashlight: this is usually the cheapest item in the market at 42 hc. When the Alice set was released, there was lots of speculation around a Megamix. Alice's clothing implies something to do with A Night in The Forest Set. Flashlight price was dropped to 42 hc in the Store as a red herring.
  • Sasquatch: this item has been used as the basis for many other WallaBee items. The staff have also allowed the creation of a special place to worship our hairy overlords Church of the Sasquatch
  • Cap'n Jack Honeycomb: this item used to be called 'Pirate'. A competition, won by Mizak, resulted in the new name.
  • Bertram Blunderbuss: this item used to be called 'Pirate Wench' In a competition to rename her, 'Bertram Blunderbuss' was submitted by Nicolasm06 for the male pirate, but assigned to the female pirate.
  • Rhinos only one of them is real… Look closely at the picture
  • Snowflake: In 2013, people started recycling these items to "make it snow" when they reappeared more commonly in the stores. The price was dropped to 25 hc for the season. This happened again in 2014, making it temporarily lowest priced item
  • Greedy Kid: The recipe of 2X Chocolate Bars to make a Greedy Kid was one of the only time that a recipe was added after an item was released. Originally, you could only get a Golden Ticket by randomly winning one when when you bought a Chocolate Bar. So there were tons of Chocolate Bars (and this was before recycling). A mix was added to help clear up space.
  • Golden Ticket: You can still win a Golden Ticket for every 5-10 or so Chocolate Bars you buy. It ends up getting gifted into your pouch. Arguably, this could be considered something fun to try, but not everyone would think it was fun to spend 5k-10k HC on getting a 5D ticket gifted to you.
  • Keep Calm and Reign On Set: This set was already finished when all its items were added to the store at the price of 227HC per item on the birth of Prince George on 22 July 2013 (thats 22/7 if you're British). This sparked rumours of a megamix and much buying of the items.
  • Medals: Purchasing any store item from the Sports Day set carried a random (approx 5%) chance of being gifted the Medals item. It was later discovered that this item could also be made by mixing any two items from this set that depict staff members.
  • Graveyard: the price of the Graveyard represents the number of days since Gowalla promised to allow users to download their Gowalla data. That's why it goes up each day.
  • Blue Box: when released, there was a red Phonebox surrounded by 11 Daleks. Then the Blue Box appeared in the store 6 times for 1 second to make it fade in and out before appearing like the real TARDIS. It looked like this.
  • Blender: Player beavermuffin is famous for asking if items will blend (aka mix). So famous in fact that you can't post 'will it blend' in the Forums (go ahead, try. I'll wait). The Blender price is the number of days that beavermuffin has been playing.
  • Earth, Fire and Water gems: before any items from the Pouch creatures set were released, players were encouraged to pick a team by messaging 'fire', 'earth', or 'water' to Dr Mui. They were later gifted a base creature of that element. When the gems were released players received a PM telling them not to trust each other, and found that they were unable to forage the gem type of the element that they had chosen, and so had to trade or buy the needed gems.
  • Muivenge: This item was added months after the end of the Pouch Creatures set, and immediately mixed to make the Labliss unique. There had been speculation that the Alice set icon looked like a Pouch Creature related item, so this was a great way to mess with the players. This is the only example of an item being added to a set after the set has finished.
  • WallaBee: you can make a WallaBee by mixing a Wallaby and a Bee. But by the time the Wallaby #2 was released, WallaBee was already up to #983. So, you were in for a rude surprise if you mixed a low Wallaby and a Bee to make a higher WallaBee.
  • Troll and April: On April 1st, 2014, the original artwork released for these two items was a little bit different.
  • Midnight Kiss: This is one of the rare items that a recipe was added after an item was released. However, it was clearly forecast in the forums and if you tried the mix early (but not immediately after release) you got an error message on the mix letting you know you had to wait for midnight.
  • Old Book: The Latin on the cover translates to "The Book of Better Foraging on Blackberry" by Simon "Cow Head" Wicks. See, Mizak! That Latin you took in college did come in handy.

A number of different set items include hieroglyphics that gave clues to all sorts of things. When I have a chance to scrounge it up again, I'll post a photo of the best translation guide I was able to come up with. In the meantime, you here are a couple places outside of the Pyramid set items where hieroglyphics appeared.

  • Used Croquet Mallet
  • Victim
  • This website which prompted mobijack to open a Mystery Box, starting started the Murder Most Horrid set, and triggering the #1 Victim to be gifted to figures for the set idea and the #2 to be gifted to mobijack for opening the box.
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