Free Player Uniques

In WallaBee, player's can sometimes commission their own Unique item. It's not inexpensive and often players use their Uniques to thank other players for their help along the way or in trade to meet their goals. But sometimes, the Uniques are just freely given out. Some players have also recycled many (or sometimes many many) of their Uniques, so you can just hunt them out on your own. Good luck! And remember, while these may be free to you, they definitely weren't free to the players that commissioned them. So let's say they are mostly free to you - I'm sure a "please" and a "thank you" won't bankrupt you, right?

Owner Item Method
24Karat Hoo Boo Ask politely
24Karat Pine Marten Ask politely
Angi Lucky Penguin Ask politely
Angi Cuddly Polar Bear Ask politely
AzureSimkin Light of Willpower Ask politely
BeeMW WallaBeemer M3 CSL Ask politely
BonnieB HealthAware Ask politely
britishredcoat The Calvary Ask politely
cceasar Just Smile Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost UT Austin Tower Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Jeremiah the Innocent Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Happy Birthday Eeyore Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Owl of Mordor Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Bat City Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Live Music Capitol Ask politely
Chuck's Ghost Keep Austin Weird Ask politely
dexy Bonnie Ask politely
dexy Hamish Ask politely
die_kurze La Corbiere Lighthouse Ask politely
die_kurze Oink Ask politely
die_kurze Hugs Ask politely
Dolphin & Ann Chang Cancer Ask politely
Fluteface Dandelion Wishes Ask politely
GeekBoy THE GeekBoy Ask politely
Indigo Indigo Ask politely
Indigo GDHannam Ask politely
Indigo Chocoholic Submit photo
JohnBarnesUK Morris Dancers Ask politely
jrisidore Milo Rambaldi Ask politely
Katietot Dirty Pirate of Bristol Ask politely
maroo Abby Grace Ask politely
Mizak Tree of Life Ask politely
Mizak Claddagh Ask politely
Mizak Triquetra Ask politely
onlysleepn Pondus the Penguin Ask politely
purple-star Banyon Temple Ask politely
Sean Championship Belt Ask politely
Skip Okane Ham Sandwich Ask politely
stafffan WallaBits Ask politely
TXRickC Route 66 (IL) Ask politely
TXRickC Texas Tornado Ask politely
TXRickC Route 66 (TX) Ask politely
TXRickC Nine-banded Armadillo Ask politely
wallabeeprof The Seeker Ask politely
Search Bouncer Tons recycled
Search GeoGearHeads Show Many recycled
Search GKTW Tons recycled
Search Happy Dolphin Some recycled
Search Lauren Tons recycled
Search Liger Mix
Search Lucky Mix
Search Lucky Horseshoe Tons recycled
Search Saint Nicholas Tons recycled
Search Skipton Castle Some recycled
Search Slice of Carrot Cake Tons recycled
Search Star Tower Mix
Search The Beehive Tons recycled
Search The Pheasant Tons recycled
Search The Traveller Many recycled
Search The WallaBee Museum Tons recycled
Forage Loving Hut Forage
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