Duplicated Item Names

Let's be honest. We all roll out of bed sometimes and know it's going to be one of those days we phone it in. If it happens to us, it happens to Ben and Alan. Need to release a new set? Command-C & Command-V, and it's back to bed! Here's a list of items that have item names that might look a touch familiar to you. "Hey, guys! What should we call this third Birthday Cake, do you think?"

Set Items

  • The full Why So Serious? and Why So Serious?, 2nd Ed. sets
  • Alaska (Great American Road Trip, The Honeymooners)
  • Axe (Red Riding Hood, The Beanstalk)
  • Castle (Bibbidi WallaBee Boo, Specky Scarface And The Machiavelli Stone)
  • Cupid (Be My Valentine, WallaBee's First Christmas)
  • Elephant (A Trip To The Circus, When Nature Calls)
  • Elves (One Set To Rule Them All, Santa's Workshop)
  • Mysterious Note (Journey To The Pyramids, The Mighty Foragers)
  • Passports (License to Forage, The Honeymooners)
  • Presents (Santa's Workshop, WallaBee's First Christmas)
  • Prince (Bibbidi WallaBee Boo, Keep Calm And Reign On)
  • Scoreboard (Take Me Out To The Ball Game, You Just Got Served)

Unique Items

  • Angus (Unique Items, Unique Items)
  • Birthday Cake (Unique Items, Unique Items, Unique Items)
  • Conductor (The WallaBee Express, Unique Items)
  • Snowball Fight (Winter Wonderland, Unique Items)
  • Unicorn (We Had Something For This, Unique Items)

(This page became obsolete January 4, 2017 after a large item renaming done to fix the duplicates)

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