Creating Places

In WallaBee you can create new places near you to forage at. Are you missing certain color types? Are your places over-flowing with items? You can fix that! However…

  • This should be a real world location. It also needs to be a public location that someone will be able to externally verify. You should not create your house or your bed. The official guidelines are here so that you can see if yours might qualify.
  • The places that you submit are then held pending until they can be approved. Place approval is done by BeeKeepers (WallaBee Players who have volunteered to help out with helping new players, answering queries and place fixing)
  • The BeeKeeper looking at your place submission could be from anywhere in the world and will most likely have no local knowledge of the area you live in. They will rely on Google Maps Street View and Google searching to verify the place. There are a large number of places submitted, and so if there isn't enough information in the place request then it will likely be rejected or you may have a long wait to see if it gets approved.
  • There is currently no notification system to provide you feedback from place rejections, though this may be enabled in a future version of WallaBee.
  • You actually have to be at the place you want to add. Don't create a place centered over your house and list the address in the hope that it will be moved to the correct location. Please don't create places from a moving vehicle.
  • When you add the place make sure that the pin on the map is over the correct place. You can (and should) manually drag the pin to the correct location. Even relatively short distance in a busy city centre location can make it very hard to see where the place actually is.
  • Pick a place name as it should appear in WallaBee and in the appropriate style (e.g. no need to list the city name in the place name, don't use all capitals).
  • Make sure to pick the most appropriate category (there is a link to Place Creation Guidelines at the bottom of the place creation screen with examples for some of the more obscure categories)
  • It is possible to upload a picture to support your place submission. If you are able to do this then please do, it's very helpful. A picture should ideally be of the outside of the location, showing the signage, and hopefully enough context of its surroundings that the BeeKeeper will be able to identify the building on Google Maps Street View. If you happen to be in a country or remote areas that don't provide Street View, photos are extremely helpful. Pictures from inside the building, or the menu, the counter, your meal, or yourself are often lovely (and it's great to see you!), but they tend not to help with place fixing.
  • If you are having trouble uploading a photo due to poor cell service, try this: create the place at the location, make sure the pin is in the correct place, add the photo, add notes, and then move to a place with a better signal before clicking Save.
  • There is a section on the form where you can add text. Please do if you think this would be helpful. A link to the business website showing the location is very helpful, or if you haven't been able to add a good picture, or if is at a high density location, a note describing exactly where the place is.
  • Finally, we are only human, and will make mistakes from time to time. If we have done (or you see a place that isn't right for any other reason) then please report it using the button on the top right of the place screen. If you have submitted a place which has been rejected and you are convinced that it fits with the place guidelines then please resubmit it and provide as much information as you can to help us in verifying it.

You can also modify existing places

  • Find a place with an incorrect name? An incorrect category? An incorrect location? Does the same place appear 3 times? Or is the business closed or just doesn't even exist? Or a place that's an obvious fake or doesn't fit the general rules? Not only can you get this fixed, you really SHOULD get it fixed. Keeping the database clean is a huge amount of work and the BeeKeepers definitely appreciate the help.
  • When you are on a place that needs a correction, simply tap the action icon in the upper right corner and "Report a Problem". You can fix or change the name, advise that the location is wrong (you'll have to describe the correct location with text or with a weblink as you can't move the pin in this screen), provide a more correct category, or recommend a place for deletion. If a new shop opens up in the same building as a closed shop, you should use this feature to report a change in name and/or category, rather than adding a new place and reporting the old one for deletion.

Please bear in mind that BeeKeepers can add places and approve modifications for places, but if a place has to be deleted (perhaps there are duplicates of the same place) and you flag it for deletion, the deletions are done by Staff in batches. So, it may be several months before the place gets deleted. But, don't worry! Any items (including locked items) in that place will be moved to an empty slot in an adjacent place. If you live in a rural area, unfortunately this might mean that the items might move thousands of meters.

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